Hi. I have an old laptop 2 GB ram, T2500 CPU.
It was working fine with Win XP. But by no reason XP is no longer useful.
I used win 7. Unfortunately laptop went too slow.
Then I tried Knoppix 8.6. It worked with acceptable speed.
I had intention to use this laptop for distance education - for zoom, google meet, discord and ms teams.
I started with ms teams and what happened?
It seem that Microsoft actively prevents using windows software on linux.
For example ms teams web app did not start. There was many login errors, and after log in , there was ridiculous message: "we could not log you in". And when i try to log in again there was message: "you are already logged in".
I try to install ms teams for linux. Windows installer takes minutes to download , but linux package took 1 hour. So microsoft actively restricts download speed for linux packages.
In knoppix with .rpm there was error in synaptic package manager. With .deb there was message that package is for amd64 but knoppix is i386. It seems that knoppix start 64 bit kernel , but all other libraryes are still 32 bit. And that made using of ms teams impossible.
So i was unable to use knoppix for distant learning. I believe using of Knoppix for distant learning is possible, but unfortunately i have no necessary skills to make it by my self.
And i think it is good idea to make special knoppix distribution specialized and optimized for distant learning and conferencing.
So what do you think?

Best regards.