Good morning, dear members.
I can no longer find the list of files on the Knoppix 7.2.0 DVD accessible from: -> DVD (~3500 software packages, over 9GB uncompressed, cloop-compressed to 4GB)
The link:
I am getting a 404 error.
It is unfortunate that i didn't write a DVD from the ISO image. I had deleted the image long back.
Unfortunately, there was a package that could be used to resize pdf page sizes on pdf documents themselves. Delete unwanted/useless pages within the file. Also, minor corrections within the documents. It was not scribus. Not LibreOffice draw. It was something else. But I forgot the name. I miss that nifty tool dearly from time to time.
If I could have a look at the list of packages may be I could remember and install the package once again.
Could i be helped in this regards please?