These were my specs:
1 comp with windows xp pro (
1 comp with winxp home and knoppix (no ip under knoppix)
connection via ethernet and crossover cable.
no dhcp server.
ips assigned by windows (the 169.254.x.x kind)
windowses work perfectly. knoppix and windows dont' work simulataneously.

what i did:

logged in my knoppix cd
opened terminal
typed netcardconfig.
if u have to choose ur netcard, do so.
when it asks for a dhcp server, say no.
these are the settings for the knoppix machine:
ip: (13 works, i dont know why, should be a bad number)
the rest of the settings are blank...unless you have a router, or ICS (Internet connection sharing), now i can't help you with that.

well, i hope you are as lucky as i was when i got it working !!!!
now i can do almost everything in knoppix !!!

GO KNOPPIX (just had to say it..)

Good luck