Have been trying to order the Linux-User March 2021 Knoppix 9.2 issue, following the instructions on the magazine's website (telephone or e-mail for availability, price, instructions).

I've e-mailed twice, once in English, the second time in both English and German. No reply or acknowledgement after three days. Has anyone here succeeded in ordering this way? Does no response mean they have run out of copies of the issue already?

Would like to avoid waiting a year or two to get the public version of 9.2...

I noticed also that many of the listed Knoppix sites are no longer active, and of the remainder, some are not keeping up to date, and more are only offering the CD version of 9.1. But the worst experience is that all but one from which I tried to download were creeping along at 30 to 40Kb/s! Something I've never experienced before. Happily, I kept trying and found Sonic in California, which gave me a download speed of just under 700Kb/s for 9.1 DVD (about the maximum I can squeeze through my ISP).