Okay, so a week or so ago, I downloaded Knoppix 9.1 in both CD and DVD version. Thinking it would be nice to do a clean install without all the bloat from the DVD version, I mounted the CD iso, copied it's contents to a directory, edited /boot/isolinux/islinux.cfg to make adriane64 the default boot option since I'm blind and Adriane is the main reason I'm using Knoppix instead of vanilla Debian, and rebuilt the ISO, burned it to DVD(I burned a CD iso to DVD because DVD+R is what I have on hand) and rebooted... Only to find the install to hard drive option missing from Adriane's Setup menu and that the CD doesn't include Adriane-x.

At first, I figured, maybe the installer had been combined with the tool for writing to a USB flash drive, but that only lead to me borking my previous Knoppix install to the point using partimage to restore a system backup wouldn't work.

So, I spent a few days fighting with my 8.6 DVD which is apparently in need of replacement if I don't figure out 9.1 soon before I manage to get the DVD version of 9.1 rebuilt and burned only to find out it doesn't have the installer either... and another few days fighting to get my system drive back into a condition where restoring a backup worked...

So, is there a way to either get a CD/DVD of 9.1. that will let me install to a harrd drive, preferably the CD, or a way to add adriane-x into a remaster of the CD?

Alternatively, is there a way to get my otherwise fully upgraded to the latest Debian Unstable install based on Knoppix 8.6 upgraded to the 9.1 version of the kernel or upgraded to a vanillaDebian version of the kernel without breaking things? Because, I think the kernel is the only thing in 9.1 that's actually newer than what's in my 8.6-based install.