I have just downloaded 3.3-2003-09-24. First time with Knoppix, so booted from CD and watched. It failed to start X. I Found a thread in Hardware Forum about giving options for Matrox G400 card so tried again - still failed and dropped me into a root console. Tried startx which failed with "Parse error on line 107" (of XF86Config-4). The line said "VertRefresh 49.0 - 8". Changing the 8 to 80 I tried again with success (using it now).

But is this a bug or is it me? I suspect this was causing failure of Knoppix to set up X even without passing extra parameters for video card - but then it tried several setups after that and left me with a completely unsuitable config.

I was not quite sure where to post this so hope you forgive me if this is the wrong place.