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Thread: "Knoppix Jr. at Linuxworld"

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    "Knoppix Jr. at Linuxworld"

    From Roblimo:
    Knoppix Junior

    I didn't have time to mention this earlier, since they were closing the press room as I was posting earlier, but in between the hoopla booths in the dot-org pavilion, the Open Source Education was handing out kid-friendly, customized Knoppix CDs. They say theey have removed the developer tools and replaced them with some of the Debian Jr. stuff and other kid-friendly programs.

    This looks like a wonderful tool for showing Linux to kids and parents. I don't want to say much more about this fine project here. I'll write a review of it after the show -- with the help of two associate testers, Earl and Shantia, whose only home computer experience has been with Mandrake, which they like better than the Windows computers at school, "because they stop working a lot and you have to wait for the teacher to make them start again," explains five-year old Earl.
    Sounds interesting but I couldn't really find much on it. Would be interesting to find.

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    There is a link here for the customized cd. Now that I've found it, I guess this would be better posted in the customizing knoppix area.

    Oh well. Shoot me..

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    On that site they say it's knoppix.iso , 19 jan 2003

    they say visit but it's a 404.. oh well. I have added it to the KnoppixCustomizations page.

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