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Thread: XF86Config Problems..

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    XF86Config Problems..

    hi not sure what happerned or what i did do break it, but i cannot start the X server, i have tried XF86Config so i can get it working, but i don't know all the preferences i need.

    there is a file called XF86Config-4 but am not sure what this file is doing.. or if its a back up of XF86Config.

    any help or advice is most apprecited am i currently running from the cd just so i can post this msg.


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    If I get you right Knoppix works fine from the CD, but your HD install has X problems.

    Why not save the XF86Config-4 (which is the file that X uses) and stuff it in your hard drive install? Alternatively, I like xf86cfg (but some folk here recon it's flakey).

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