I have just finished installing Knoppix over Mandrake.

The system looks like this
/dev/hda1 - Win98
/dev/hda2 - /boot
/dev/hda3 - /
/dev/hda4 - swap

Knoppix 2003-09-24-EN

I wanted to use GRUB since I understand that the default LILO would not allow me to use Win98.

I followed directions in knx-hdinstall but at the question about installing LILO, I said NO.

I created a boot floppy.

The instructions that have been generously provided by many people only seem to show how to get GRUB installed when you have the boot files on the Knoppix root partition. In my case, I want GRUB in the /boot partition. And have GRUB in the mbr.

Could someone direct me to some instructions on how to do this? I am reading the GRUB docs, but I'm getting more confused.

When I boot the system, I come to the GRUB (from previously installed Mandrake 9.1). I think that I need to change the grub.config file to direct the Linux entry to Knoppix. Not sure what I should add / change to the config file when I find it. I'm not sure if I need to add or copy some files from the / partition to /boot either.

Could someone provide me with a bit of direction?

Thank you in advance