Running Knoppix from a boot USB stick:
My preference is not the default start mode (X) but at the plainest possible bash console.
By editing syslinux.cfg appropriately I've been able to manage this since about v.3!
For the moment in this version (v.9.1) this trick eludes me - I'll try again later.
So, I'm trying another pathway that has worked in the past.
In the root terminal in X (i.e. as root) type
$ init 1 <Enter>
and Hey Presto I am out of X, but still logged in as root, and at the plain bash console.
BUT: now the "init 1" request results in this message:
init: must be run as PID 1
and I am still in X.
So: please can anybody
(a) supply a tweaked syslinux.cfg that starts KNOPPIX in ultra-basic mode?
or (b) supply a workaround that will permit init 1 if started in X mode?
or (ideally) both??
Thank you.