1. I have live knoppix 7.7.1 (with persistence) on a 14.3 GB usb stick, which I
plug into a laptop.

2. My humble questions are:

a) How do I set it up so that I can use hibernate?
b) What command do I run to perform the hibernation?
c) To wake up from hibernation, do I just insert the usb stick then turn the
power on?

3. I've tried running

$ sudo pm-hibernate

but it doesn't hibernate, and after a few seconds it just returns to the
command prompt.

However I am able to use suspend successfully with

$ sudo pm-suspend

4. The following are the partitions on the usb stick:

Partition 1 is 4.4 GB, and its label is "KNOPPIX".
Partition 2 is 4.9 GB, and its label is "KNOPPIX-DATA" (persistence).
Partition 3 is 5.0 GB, and is a Swap partition created by me.