Hello friends! Hope you all are well.

This now happened thrice in three years. So a solution is sought for,

Every time, upon accidental keypress (still don't know which), this magnifier became activated. Launch of and quitting kmag is known. But this program can't be closed. I have searched Debian and lxde and will continue to do so, but until now the program hasn't been found. Checked processes via lxtask, but unable to trace.

I could have close the program by Logging Off and then logging back On, but that would be an inelegant approach. Should know the name of the demon in order to exorcise it .

Appears that I would need input from users/leaders more accomplished than a novice that I am.

A snapshot has been uploaded in the Drive at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Wae...nnY3DQtaiV_Hne with file name, Magnifier2022-05-14at16-12-47.png

Advice requested.