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Thread: video no-go

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    video no-go

    oaky, i got the knoppix to run and all that stuf...... but once the desktop enviorment starts to lead, all i can see is s grabled mess of crap..... i cant even play with any settings, cuz i cant see what im doing whatsoever...... have any of u ever seen an old tv on the fritz, well thats what it looks like, and also...... its in a widescreen for some reason, plz help

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    ive aslo tried it with the other gui's, no luck

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    Knoppix is miss detecting your monitor/video card (Must likly monitor).

    What the Brand, Make, Model, etcs of both items?

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    Are you seeing the garbled screen just after you see the initial knoppix opening screen, after you press enter (or: knoppix cheat-codes <enter>).
    If so at the startup screen try knoppix vga=normal and see what happens.


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