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Thread: How to set the root password on Knoppix 3.3

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    How to set the root password on Knoppix 3.3

    Here's How To Set Root Password On Knoppix-Live-CD:

    1) Open The Shell - Konsole (There Should Be An Icon On Your Task Bar)

    2) You Will Get A Prompt That Says: knoppix@ttyp0[knoppix]$
    When You Get This Prompt Type: knoppix@ttyp0[knoppix]$ su Root
    This Changes You To Root From Within The Console

    3) Then Your Prompt Should Look Something Like: root@ttyp0[root]$
    Just something like that. It might be a little different.
    When You Do Then It Notices You As Root But You Still Don't Have
    The Root Access.

    4) After that type: root@ttyp0[root]$ KUser
    This will open up the KUser Manager Window.

    5) After its opened highlight the Root section.

    6) Above the list of logins you should see something like Add Edit Del...
    Click On The Edit Icon.

    7) At the top right corner you should see: Set Password..
    Click On That And Type In The Password - Verify It and that will be
    the new root password for the Knoppix-Live-CD.

    I was just messing around with Knoppix and found this out...I've had a lot of
    people ask me how to do it and I've just found out how and I couldn't find
    anything online on how to do hopefully then will help some of you guys
    out Have Fun.


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    An easier way?

    Open up a console window. At the prompt, type:

    sudo passwd root

    Enter password twice. Now root has a password.


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    ahhh, now i see there was no place set where to store the passwd and shadow file.

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    Knoppix password / login problem

    SUOrangeman, MrWizard,

    I tried both methods to get password working on remastered Knoppix 3.3
    with no success. Password for root is accepted, but after reboot I cannot login. This is not big deal since there is another problem: login times out with msg: Login timed out after 60 seconds.
    ( and I have root access with no password - and I keep it this way till I find howto get my password working)

    There are lines in inittab like this:
    1:12345:respawn:/bin/bash -login >/dev/tty1 2>&1 </dev/tty1
    which probably allow me access without password, but I need password.
    ( inittab on my redhat partition has no '-login' in it ??
    Any suggestions ?


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