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Thread: Locating my second hard drive in Knoppix.

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    Locating my second hard drive in Knoppix.

    I have a machine with two hard drives. One has W2K and the other is a blank, 40G.
    I want to install Knoppix on that blank 40G drive. At the moment, I am unable to see the drive when I have the Knoppix CD in. I assume (and pardon me, I'm a Linux newbie here), that this is because the drive is unformatted.
    How can I see the drive to start the install? Will it show up when I start the install using the little script in shell -

    (my password)

    Will the instructions that come up in the 'etc.' part get me to that hard drive? I didn't want to start an install until I had an idea of what I was getting into.

    Thanks in advance!

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    after starting the install-script you will be asked which hd you would like to use and after that cfdisk will be started. there you can format your hd. i think the 40 gb hd is the second on the first ide controller. so you have to choose hdb.

    master on first ide = hda
    slave on first ide = hdb
    master on seccond ide = hdc
    slave on second ide = hdd)


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    OK, here's what I did per some instructions I was following to install my Knoppix to a blank hd:

    opened a shell
    pressed ctrl-alt-F3 to bring me to another instance of Linux
    In that instance, I typed,
    and then I set the password.

    I then pressed ctrl-alt-F5 (F6?, can't remember) which returned me to the instance running the window program.

    In that window, I typed
    and then I was supposed to enter the root password I had just set but no option came up where I could enter the password unseen. Instead, the error returned was 'unable to recognize command [my password] or something close to that effect.
    At any rate, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any help! Also, thanks for the previous answer as well.

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    Forget what you learned on that other post.

    sudo knoppix-installer

    You do not need to set a root password.

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    OK, looks like it installed - the message was that it installed- though now I'm not sure how to get into Knoppix.
    In other words, I turn the machine on, and the only options I have are to start the Windows OS's on the first hard drive. The second hard drive with Knoppix on it doesn't show up when I start the machine (which may be normal) and it isn't recognized from My Computer (which may also be normal ).

    The short of it is, how do I get into Knoppix now?

    Thanks folks!

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    GOT IT!

    I went and redid the entire install. This time I just went to the Knoppix root icon, the one with the little penguin and typed 'Knoppix-install' and then went through the motions. When I rebooted, there appeared my choices between the Windows OS's and Linux/Knoppix.
    I was told several different things to type at the shell but I'm not sure if all were right in some way or maybe someone left a word out or whatever. Also, the first time I was using the Clam shell icon to get to that shell and the second time I used the penguin icon to go to the root shell. I'm still new to this so it's a bit hard to explain still. The short of it is that I'm in and now I can set about learning to do things with the OS.

    Thanks to everyone who has been helping me along!

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