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Thread: Making a boot floppy

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    Making a boot floppy

    Somehow nothing wrote to the floppy when I was going through the install. Of course, I'm half way through the Knoppix install now and need a boot floppy. Any way I can do this still? Knoppix is on my HD as far as I can see.

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    UPDATE - I'm installed and running OK.

    I just went in and did a re-install and when it asked for the floppy to be put in, I did that as normal and this time everything went smooth.

    One note for interested parties...

    The first time I went through the install, I used the shell icon with the
    'clam'. The second time, I used the shell from the Knoppix-root icon (the one with the little penguin). The first time I couldn't get Knoppix to come up when I rebooted. The second time, everything worked fine. I wish I could explain this a little better but I'm new to Linux. But if anyone has any specific questions, post them here and I'll try to answer as best I can.

    I'm still curious as to what should be done if you didn't choose to run a floppy during the install. Where would you go to do that post-install?

    Thanks again for everyone's help! I've finally entered the world of Linux!

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