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Thread: Overview of Knoppix - Linux Newbie

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    Overview of Knoppix - Linux Newbie


    The first time I ever used Linux whatsoever was last night when I booted Knoppix, so I beg your indulgence

    Is there any overview of the software that comes with/on Knoppix and an explanation of its function...I mean I couldn't find CD burning software (maybe because there isn't any??) and there were a whole host of stuff unknown to me....

    Thanks in advance for all help given!

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    There is a Packages.gz and Description.txt file at

    This file gives a list of the Packages, files, descriptions, etc of the KNOPPIX_V3.1-2003-01-01-EN.iso

    Also see the file packages.txt on any of the mirror for a brief description.

    Have fun!!

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    Rolana J



    You weren't the only one trying Linux for the first time. I just got my knoppix cd yesterday. The software for burning cd's or one of them is called cdroaster or something I am sure about the roaster part unsure of the cd part. You can find it in multimedia I think. I was surprised by all the software that came with it. I also found out that I have a winmodem and need to upgrade if I want to get online with Knoppix. I'm still having fun though and hope you enjoy the experience as well.

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    Also new

    Heh, well i'm actually a big fan of Windows XP, so my trying this out was only due to the constant nagging of one Chris Pirillo & Chris Dibona ranting on and on and on about Knoppix. So, alas here i am, and i must say i was impressed. What i wasn't impressed about, was that I became unbelievably lost very fast. To me, it seemed basically the same as what i'm used to, only you have to do extra work. Why? That said, do I need to have a linux partition to be able to access my files? The reason being is that on a fat32 label, i was able to load the images within as backgrounds. After that however, i soon realised I couldn't make a new folder on either of my existing partitions. Nor was I able to edit or modify any of the existing data on my partition. Anyway, I thought I had seen some unusual partition choices in Partition Magic 8, so I'm gonna check that out. If anyone can tell me why I can read a file but not write to the disk, please lemme know!! Thnx

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    Oooh I think even I know the answer to this one..ah yes from the FAQ:

    Q: I see the partitions from my hard disk on the desktop and can access
    their contents when I click on them, but if I try to write to them I
    always get the error message "access denied". How can I write to my
    existing partitions?

    A: The general philosophy of KNOPPIX is to allow as little write access
    as possible. For this reason, existing partitions are either not mounted
    or only mounted "read only". If you click with your right mouse button on
    an icon, the "read-only" attribute under item "device" can be un-checked.
    After this, the partition can be mounted "read-write" (for already
    mounted partitions, first click on "unmount"!). CAUTION: writing to NTFS
    partitions can lead to data loss, since Linux does not really support this
    file system! However, DOS and FAT32 file systems are safe for write access.
    Incidentally I found out about Knoppix in Computeractive..on their letters page someone wrote in recommending thanks to him/her if they're reading this!

    Btw if anyone can give a quick answer to the following two q's before I go looking:

    (1)I tried loading the Gnome desktop last night but I keep getting an error I Gnome splash appeared but then I got put back to the bootprompt..........what should I enter at the bootprompt?

    (2)I can listen to mp3's, ogg files etc but there are no sounds for any of the software, apps etc this normal?

    Thanks guys

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    I had the same problem with GNOME too. I would start it in the F2 cheat code screen and just as it's about to finish loading I get that error. After I close the screen down, I'm in IceWM.

    I've been able to write files to my FAT32 partitions by clicking on the desktop hdaX icons and selecting the read/write option. However I can't write to the RiesrFS partition I created. I already know better not to write to NTFS with Linux.

    Knoppix found the Linux swap partition I created and uses it smoothly. I dropped a huge file on the KDE3 desktop to see how Knoppix would manage. Eventhough I was playing 'Shoutcast' mp3 internet music broadcasts with XMMS, there wasn't any skips as that 350Mb file over topped my 288Mb of RAM and spilled over into the swap file. Lets see you try that in any flavor of windows while running winamp.

    Knoppix rocks!

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