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Thread: Newbie (How do I install Programs?)

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    Newbie (How do I install Programs?)

    Hi all. I am a newbie here so this is probably a super basic question.

    I installed Knoppix 3.3 to my hard drive. I downloaded a few programs but I dont know how to install them. I unzipped the tar.gz files and I go the dir and there is and file, but it wont run.

    Is there a basic way to install programs on here?
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Since knoppix is based on Debian, you can use apt-get:
    Since the normal interface is not so easy to use (but once you know it, very fast), I recommend you to install synaptic:
    open a konsole, type "su' to become root, and then type 'apt-get install synaptic' (if you get errors, you may try to type 'apt-get update' first).
    afterwards you can run synaptic by just typing 'synaptic'.
    A good guide about synaptic is:
    It's a pretty easy program to install almost all other programs.

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