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Thread: X problem with Knoppix 20-1-2003

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    X problem with Knoppix 20-1-2003

    When using Knoppix 20-1-2003, currently on a sis-based motherboard,
    I have been unable to get X working.
    The splash screen comes up.
    But XFree86 refuses to work - not even when I run XFree86 -configure
    Not in vga=normal
    XFree86 tries to use the vesa drivers - and when that fails, it tries to use
    the fbdev drivers - they both fail. When it fails - it just fails
    (No garbled screen, etc, just back to the console)

    The console, however, appears to work in fb mode, so I suspect that it
    is an XFree86 problem.

    When I use an older knoppix version (can't remember which, late last year) - it was still 3.1, and uses the same XFree86 version (4.2.x), it
    works flawlessly, booting into KDE, etc.

    What I'd like to know is, has anyone else had any problems?

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    SiS based motherboard

    I too have had problems with video on a SiS based motherboard. When I first start I had to use the cheat "knoppix vga=normal" to get to the autodetect phase. I got a "modprobe: can't locate module server: XF86_SVGA" during the autodect. When the install starts, I loss video getting an "VGA not supported" error. I tried all the other cheat I fould here and nothing works. If anyone has any idea's how to fix this, let me know as I am new to Linux.

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