I have been using KNOPPIX 8.6.1 since announcement, installed to tiny bootable sticks and also to large capacity bootable mobile drives.
In the past, at first use, I have always got a nag to create an additional partition sda3 (reiserfs) to host /KNOPPIX-DATA/ which has provided a limited but useful personalised platform.
I recently installed the same thing 8.6.1 from the identcal original iso to a new stick and also to a different mobile drive.
I have altered nothing!
But there is no nag to create sda3; and even if I create it and format it, no oppotunity to use it as described (KNOPPIX-DATA) is either offered or enacted.
I've not obviously changed anything whatsoever (other than the physical devices).
Can anybody explain the inexplicable??
Thank you.
PS Almost no activity on this forum during 2022, 2023. Has the user base shrunk? Or is everybody but me too expert to need recourse to a forum??