Sorry - possibly the most naive question it is possible to ask.
I've searched this forum and got a flood of hits from Google (and have tried the simplest solution described below) but still not got quite what I would prefer.
In the rawest possible Knoppix console (i.e. init 1) what I assume to be the default cursor (since I haven't changed or asked for anything else) is a blinking underline.
This persists into nano, my preferred text editor.
In both cases I prefer a non-blinking full-height block with the added property that when superimposed over a character as when editing a command line in bash or editing text in an editor, that character "shows through". i.e. the solid cursor is also transparent.
I tried the command
echo 0 > /sys/module/vt/parameters/cur_default
at the command-line which seemed to have some effect (blinking block which is halfway there) and other instructions echo 1, echo 2, .. had different effects e.g. half-height block but (a) none of them were what I was actually wanting and (b) the effect did not seem to be immediate but occurred at some short interval later. (Yes? My perceptions are surely faulty.)
Is this even the beginnings of the right approach?
If so can you tell me the correct echo n?
Do I need to issue the command not at the command line but in /etc/profile? .. or in ~/.bashrc or .. ?
I guess the nano requirement should be managed separately. (But it might carry over.)
Thank you!
PS In the bash console emulator "mintty" in Cygwin, the solid transparent unblinking full-height cursor is the default and persists into nano. Wish I knew how to mimic it in Knoppix.