There had been quite a lot of time since the previous Knoppix edition (v9.1). So, I want to seize the opportunity to suggest returning to Openbox. Unfortunately in 9.1 version it is no longer installed. So, it should be installed again (only some MB in plus...), and the "desktop=openbox" boot option should start a simple openbox session. And not lxde-openbox session. (With that nightmare Compiz...) The lxpanel should be started by specifying this in openbox autostart file. (So we can use lx menu and run dialog.) Openbox is very stable, it needs very little system resources, it is easily configurable with its configuration file. And this Openbox configuration file should be well set, i.e. appropriate keybindings for main menu, run dialog, terminal, to take screenshot, etc.

Other suggestions

) possibility to select devices (at boot time) by UUID too
) possibility to specify "" script name and location (also by UUID), so that it can be used when running from ISO file too
) possibility to specify the name and location (also by UUID) of persistence file to be used, possibility to use also persistence directory if the file system supports this (like EXT...)
) possibility to save changes only at shutdown, or at specific intervals, or not at all (set by boot options, by dedicated Knoppix settings, manually in a popup window (at shutdown)) to dramatically reduce flash ware when using persistence

Some application suggestions

) a better virtual keyboard (xvkbd does not support a lot of languages, like my language, Hungarian)
) Gaupol subtitle editor
) Kate (KWrite does not have multitab support)
) SMplayer (it is better than VLC)
) Streamripper
) GoldenDict with preinstalled dictionary files
) Kodi