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Thread: Did Knoppix kill my computer?

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    Did Knoppix kill my computer?

    Hello everyone,

    whilst waiting for an engineer here at work to connect my brand new Dell to the intranet, a colleague of mine suggested I try Knoppix, which he told me was a really neat concept.

    I booted up with the Knoppix CD, messed about a little and then shut the system down. Next time I turned my computer on, lo and behold, no sign of life at all!

    When the computer turns on it simply doesn't do anything and I can't boot off a CD because they don't seem to be detected even though the drive seems to show some activity. My monitor doesn't respond (although it works on other machines) and so on. The computer is running but it simply doesn't boot.

    I wonder if my computer's death occurring straight after my first Knoppix test drive is a coincidence. Did Knoppix kill my computer?

    Any ideas? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Very best regards,
    Geir Freysson.

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    Please searcin this forum for "dell" for many more posts about this.


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