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Thread: PLEASE HELP - Quick Question

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    PLEASE HELP - Quick Question

    I am attempting my own remaster (finally) of knoppix and have 2 quick questions.
    1: Can Somebody please point me in the direction of a remastering tutorial that starts from scratch (or pure basics) so i can learn to do it myself and use completely customized everything
    2: i also want a quick remaster of an existing knoppix just to include drivers for my NIC card the Broadcom 4400 Series NIC. So A tutorial or just letting me know how we be greatly appreciated...

    thanks in advance,


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    nobody in this huge expanse of people has any ideas about 1 or both of my questions... please people i would really appreciate it....

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    You should check the remastering howto in the Docs section of this site.

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    see the remastering how-to above. WEhen chrooted into the hdd files for your source, run this:

    apt-get install bcm-4400

    I already added that driver to my remaster, overclockix.

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