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Thread: Installing new applications in Knoppix (Not hdinstalled)

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    Installing new applications in Knoppix (Not hdinstalled)

    I'm trying to install Linksysmon on one of my hd partition.
    but when I start "make install", the script tries to mkdir
    in /usr/local/lib/perl
    make: *** [pure_site_install] error 255
    I understand that when we use knoppix from cd, there's some
    limitations but is there a way ?

    my question is :

    how do I install an apps. when using Knoppix (no hdinstall)

    I have /dev/sda4 (zip 100mb with my website)
    I have /dev/sdb1 (usb sandisk 64 mb, having apache conf)
    I have /dev/hda1 and hda3 (persistent config)

    Thanks !
    (Beside that problem, everything works pretty well)

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    Use lots of symlinks:

    mkdir /hd/usr/local/lib -p
    cd /hd/usr
    ln -s /KNOPPIX/usr/* .
    cd local
    ln -s /KNOPPIX/local/* .
    cd lib
    cp -Rp /KNOPPIX/usr/local/lib/* .

    Then do your make install. You'll probably have to do this to a few different directories, but in the end everthing can work out fine.

    Hope this helps,

    - Ambrose

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