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Thread: How to select specific applications in ur Distro......?

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    How to select specific applications in ur Distro......?

    Hello All!!
    my goal which is to remaster CD disto. I have the documents related to remastering Knoppix, but still I need more detailed help. As I need to include only those applications which are related to normal user (gedit,graphic viewer, printer support, open office, email client, mozilla internet browser) and to cut out all other applications (games, compilers , messenger,etc) in the first phase, therefore, I need specific guidance on how to include these specific applications and cut out the ones which are unneeded at this point. The problem that I face is to identify the modules which are relevant to me and also to identify that which modules need to be cut out and still there is no problem in regular working.

    Hope to find an encouraging and guided response from you.


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    I've tried this route and it's hard going. Recently, I have had a go at morphix (a drivative of knoppix) and in my opinion, Morphix iso's being 200-500MB in size, lend themelves to block building.

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