It seems from reading about other peoples attempt to make a compressed
filesystem from /KNOPPIX alone, you gea a KNOPPIX file about 733MB.
Too large to copy to CD.
The origional KNOPPIX for v3.2 is 691MB.
My attempt to re-build KNOPPIX without any changes results in a KNOPPIX file always larger than 691MB.

I don't see how to get the KNOPPIX file alone back to 691MB, even when I follow the instructions.

On another note, I just received the Knoppix 3.3 Beta disk.
I always make a spare CD and use it rather than the origional CD.
It wouldn't work this time. The copy would only copy 270.4 MB, then abort!

Is there a copy protection in Version 3.3, or do I have a defective CD ?

Thanks, Flying2Eagles