I'm trying to use Knoppix on both my office machine and my home laptop, inside a VMWare enviroment in both cases, using the "Save configuration" feature to store my settings on a USB stick for use on both machines.

The only problem I'm having is with screen resolutions. At the office I have a large monitor, and prefer to work with a resolution of 1280x1024. My laptop at home has an LCD screen with a maximum resolution of 1024x768.

It is my understanding that when you specify monitor resolutions for each color depth in your XF86Config file, X will always default to the first one on the list. Therefore, I made the line inside each af the color depths look something like this:

"1024x768" "1280x1024" "800x600" etc

My hope was that this would cause X to start with a resolution of 1024x768, but have 1280x1024 available as an option for me to switch to at the office using "xrandr". If I don't list "1280x1024" in XF86Config-4, it isn't available to switch to dynamically at all.

However, the system is ALWAYS attempting to start X in "1280x1024"... even though "1024x768" is listed as the first choice for all color depths. Is there something I'm missing here?