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Thread: Read-Only Hard drive?

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    Read-Only Hard drive?

    Hi, I'm a Knoppix/Gnoppix newbie.
    And I'm not sure if this question has already been asked.
    However, I can't modify/create/delete files on my hard disk partitions after I mount 'em.

    These are the commands I execute just in case there was a mistake on my part.

    cd /mnt
    mount hda1

    ... after this I can just view the files and nothing else.
    And I have the same problem on both live cd's... anyone have a solution?


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    Type the following into the search form item.

    Mount Writeable

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    Thanks for the tip
    But from what I can sum up... it's possible that you can corrupt your entire drive if you have an ntfs file system (nt/2k/xp)?

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    Okay... I followed the procedures on the read/write support threads... and I tested on another drive which is only used for storage... and this is the message I get after I click on "Change read/write mode"...

    WARNING: The partition /dev/hda5 is of type NTFS! Writing to this filesystem can cause data loss. Because of that you should only do write operations manually and expect to have to reinstall the filesystem afterwards. This dialog won't do this risky thing for you and will quit now without changing anything.


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