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Thread: boot partition or not?

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    boot partition or not?

    I installed knoppix after creating 3 partitions: 64MB boot, 1024MB swap, and remainder was root. I installed lilo to the MBR, which I am assuming is partition #1(boot) and then tried starting up....I keep getting this LILO tiestamp error?! I remember installing knoppix a while back but without the boot partition... just keeping it simple with 2 partitions... and it worked fine. Does knoppix support boot partitions?

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    A /boot partition is necessary if your BIOS is old and does nont support booting from beyond the 1024th cylinder. I use a /boot partition on an old HP 166 netserver for example. IIRC there was a bug w/ lilo and perhapsyou just need to reinstall it. Use a boot floppy to boot Linux or use the Knoppix cd, mount your /root partition, chroot to the mount point for your /root partition and rerun lilo.

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