Hi Gurus,

I just installed Knoppix 3.3 on my HDD. It works incredibly well, but I have a problem with the security level. I do use Knoppix to connect on other unix servers (Sun, HP, ...) and develop on those machines. The trouble is that a telnet works ok but I can't run any graphical interface because of DISPLAY not reachable. However, I have defined and exported the DISPLAY as found in 'ifconfig'. I have also enabled external display through 'xhost +'. Finally, I've found in /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny that the config was set up as 'PARANOID'. I've renamed both files (according to the man page, lack of file opens the connection). As long as I do not run a server but a workstation, security is not a major constraint for me. I'm missing a config file somewhere to enable DISPLAY to pass through but where. While testing, I realized that even assigning the IP address to the user knoppix (rather than the hos name) causes the same problem.

Could anyone help on this ?