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Thread: HDD installation?

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    HDD installation?

    Installed Knoppix onto my machine. Used sndconfig, worked fine, everything was _configured_ or so I thought. I do have system sounds, you know the annoying sounds that play when you maxamize or minamize a window. But, When I try to play an .Mp3 file with xmms, i get an error, make sure the right plug in is selected and your sound card is configured properly, I thought it was configured properly and i've tried all the plug ins and still won't play? What can I do? Hope this makes sense..thanks in advance.

    -Phrankie #Linux

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    For you don't want sounds w/ closing windows &c., try to shot down the arts sound server.
    Menu K - control center - sounds - sound server.

    Or - try to start xmms w/
    artsdsp xmms
    I didn't try this w/ xmms but it works w/ realplayer.


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