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Thread: KnoppixKDE

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    Try here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monkymind
    Have you tried booting the CD with Smart Boot Manager Someone on this board mentioned it a while back and I now use it extensively for booting CDs on old PCs.

    BTW you can use it on a floppy or install it on the HD
    Yes, I recently rediscovered this neet little boot manager. Now I use it from a boot floppy as its faster than the kernel based one (looks for vmlinuz and miniroot.gz on the CD, not on the floppy - speeds up boot). But you mention that you use this from the hdd? I'm curious, how do you do this and what benefit do you get from this?

    On a related topic: I have my students boot the compressed KNOPPIX image file from hda1 on a WONDOZE partition using the slow boot floppy. Is there any way to speed booting the image from the hdd? Maybe I could partition about 1GB, call it hda2, and use the fast boot disk to boot that? 1GB should be big enough as the image file is about 695MB - would a 700MB partition be enough?

    I think that can boot from any bootable partition you tell it to look for. I'm using this method to boot my MORPHIX CDs now. Its very quick, that's how I rediscovered this little gem (see I think I reviewed btmgr months ago for use with KNOPPIX and found it a bit buggy then, but its very nice now. Well, I've been using the version on, is that different from the one on

    BTW, the powers that be at my school do not want me setting up a dual boot situtaion, ie: knx-hdinstall and lilo are out. The KNOPPIX boot floppy is OK (to boot the CD or from /mnt/hda1/knoppix), the MORPHIX boot floppy is OK (to boot CD) and loadlin is OK, but that's about it! BTW, what they don't know won't hurt me. So if I have to make a 1GB partition, I will. But, I'm sure they don't want me doing that either, so if I could do this without partitioning, let me know!

    Frustrated Teacher,

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