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Thread: advantages; disadvantages

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    advantages; disadvantages


    can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of Knoppix compared to Windows. And what's different to Linux.

    Because I think about using Knoppix but I don't know.



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    Knoppix is a Linux distribution based on Debian.

    The *BIGGEST* advantage to Knoppix is its ability to run COMPLETELY from a CD. It will automatically detect hardware and startup very fast. It comes complete with a wide variety of open source software.

    If your new to Linux, Knoppix provides an excellent way to try out what Linux has to offer without having to install another operating system on your hard drive, dual boot, partition, etc..etc..etc..

    I'd highly recommend downloading the Knoppix ISO, burn it to a CD and try it out for yourself!

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    windows - works with all hardware, and drivers for all hardware is written for it.
    knoppix - $2.99-$9.99 or free if you download it vs. $199 for windows xp.
    knoppix - gimp, open office, koffice, cd buring, java, plus 100s others = $5000 of windows replacement software.
    windows - pretty seamless design
    knoppix - easier to understand the kernel although learning curve is steep.
    knoppix - solitare cards better looking plus 50 free games installed.
    knoppix - 10 minute hd install.
    windows - $10 software modems work.
    knoppix - change it and make your own distribution legally.
    knoppix - more fun.
    knoppix - better for user that never downloads anything.
    windows - easy to install any program. Although apt-get not too shabby, but needs work.

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    I agree with _almost_ everything in the last post. The only thing I don't agree with is that "apt-get not too shabby, but needs work". What exactly do you think should be improved with apt-get?

    I don't think it gets much easier than
    apt-get update
    apt-get install <app>
    apt-get remove <app>

    This is something that gets banged on about in all sorts of comparsions, but really the installer packages in Windows are not that great. I have _many_ times found myself uninstalling an application in W2K only for the uninstall to tell me that "some elements have not been removed and will have to be removed manually". Admittedly it does have a [details] button that I can press and then write down the 100 things it didn't get around to deleting. Then there is the registry, try finding out if your app really did uninstall itself correctly, or do you have a ton of keys in there as residual damage.

    For very high end commercial packages in Windows then the installer/remover does mostly work, but I wouldn't say it's easier/better than apt-get. Shareware and otherware products have a very high diversity in their ability to follow installer guidelines.

    BTW if the only thing that annoys about apt-get is the fact its a command line then go to a command line once (as root) and type:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install synaptic
    synaptic &

    and away you go. Better than add/remove programs as it includes copious filtering capability.

    Can someone give me hand down from this high horse now?


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    Re: advantages; disadvantages

    Hi Jan,

    I certainly aggree with the other replys here here. I have addtional comments also

    - M$ does not really ask people seriously whether they want a feature before they put it in.
    Knoppix - like most other Linux' - is initiated/maintained by phorums like this.
    If a new Linux/Knoppix-feature is not necessarily good for all a bunch of Knoppix freaks will surely tell the inventor before he push the 'go-button'. They are not only in it for the money so they speak freely.

    - The idea of a steep Knoppix learning curve (e.g. M$-XP versus Knoppix) is somewhat exaggerated. If you are not going to modify the inner parts of Knoppix you dont need more skills for operating Knoppix than the ones you need to operate XP.

    Example: My mother-in-law has never 'learned' Windows. She started with Mac and now she operates a Red Hat Linux box running KDE (the same windows interface as in Knoppix). She does not need the command prompt to operate at all!

    On the other hand: You have the means to repair/fix Knoppix right here in this site if there is something in Knoppix you dont like. This requires about the same skills as repairing Windows I assume, but I dont know for sure since the M$ code is not published...

    Quote Originally Posted by

    can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of Knoppix compared to Windows. And what's different to Linux.

    Because I think about using Knoppix but I don't know.



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    One word - stability.

    I'm a Windows GURU. But even on my system, and maybe more so because I mess with it so much, Windows crashes. It locks up, it fails and worst of all, it's annoying. You shouldn't have to hack the registry to make the balloons stop popping up over the system tray. In any case, I'm in the proccess of swithcing to the knoppix version of debian. I have it installed localy now, and i'm working on getting all my hardware working. I'm almost there. The only real drawback to linux as a whole is that gameing is pretty weak in comparison. There's plenty of games and some ports of games and a few that will run under Wine or WineX, bu in general, only a small portion of games run on linux. Older games are much better and more likely to run.

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