I tried to create knoppix with 2.4.23.
My Original Knoppix version is : V3.3-2003-11-19-EN

So far I just made to the linux logo, then cloop is loaded,
but with the error saying not enough memory ?
I looked at the original knoppix's config-2.4.22-xfs
and the initrd is configured using its default size ( 4096 )

I built the kernel with make-kpkg.
then just do this on a chroot environment.
dpkg-deb -x kernel-image-(myversion)_blah.deb /

Is this the right thing to do ?

Should i use cloop version 2.0 too like previous topic ?
also, does it have anything to do with the ash shell ( should it
be recompiled too ? )

Sorry for so many question..
but I'm close enough ( or not ? ) to make the best custom knoppix kernel, from a beginner's pov of course