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Thread: graphical frontend to ppp

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    graphical frontend to ppp

    I'm trying to set up a box for my Dad so that it's nice and user friendly and he won't have to resort to the command line to use a few simple packages. Having used Knoppix for its awesome hardware detection I stripped out KDE and replaced it with Gnome, for the accessibility tools.

    I thought gkdial would be just the ticket to use as a 'wrapper' around pon/poff - gpppon is too simplistic - and it seems to work, reasonably well. BUT the dialog box doesn't display the fact that it's successfully connected and the counters that display bytes transferred and length of connection stay at zero. ALSO, if I close the dialog box when I'm not connected I can't reopen it, except from the command line and the whole point was to have a nice user friendly icon on the desktop...

    Anyone else had any problems with this or is there an alternative wrapper that'll work with Gnome?


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    KPPP will work within gnome... Probally not the answer you're after

    Wvdial is also good but command line ...

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    kppp will only work if I have all the kdelibs installed. I stripped them out. Wvdial is not the answer to my problem.... it's got to have a GUI

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