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Thread: Howto install flonix

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    Howto install flonix

    Hello to all, my questions is:

    Wich steps for instalations flonix?

    I be will very thanks.

    Till oportunity, happy days.

    Edgar Rolando Guzman Fuentes

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    I think that you want to say is KNOPPIX, if it is then go to this page:
    if not, SORRY.


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    flonix install

    No he meant flonix

    I currently have it booting live from my Sony Microvault USB thumbdrive, my question is this: is there a way to make it a non live system? That is how would I go about installing it as a normal debian distro on my thumbdrive? Is it even possible? Anyway, sorry bout the rant the link has all the info you'll need.



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    Thanks AerosSaga, just know DamnSmall not Flonix, it's one more version of "small" linux. We are learning every second...

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