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Thread: knoppix & USB hard drive

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    knoppix & USB hard drive

    OK, this is the problem: My windows are f*ked up and I can't start them. My hard drive is made from just 1 partition and formatting the disk will erase date that I need. So, I thought of knoppix... I start the knoppix and than I would connect one Hard drive to USB and copy the data that I need from the first drive to this one I have on USB. And than when I backup my data I would format the first drive.

    Can this be done?



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    It can be done as long as the hard drive you have on USB is formatted in Fat32 filesystem or a linux filesystem (like ext3 or ReiserFS). Knoppix can't write to a NTFS drive, it can onlt read it.

    There is another tool called "emergency boot cd" that is designed for windows rescues ( and will write to NTFS.

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    Off course you can do that.

    But I have had problems coneecting USB-IDE drives to knoppix. I had one USE 1.1-IDE enclosure and wasn't able to recognize it under knoppix. I replace that case with a shiny new USB2, And the new one works perfectly under knoppix.

    If your case doesn't work, you can try to connect your spare hdd inside the box. In this case you will 100% sure thay knoppix will recognize it.

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