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Thread: smbmount and Windows 2000 network

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    smbmount and Windows 2000 network

    Hi All,

    Until recently, I could mount a share on our Windows NT file server with

    smbmount //fileserver/myshare$ /mymountpoint -o username=gdb,fmask666

    Now everything is moved to a new server with Windows 2000, and also a new group concept. I tried all possible variations of above, but it just does not work. Mostly, it complains about a 'bad username/password pair', however under my Windows NT workstation it still works perfectly. A few variations I tried:

    smbmount //fileserver/myshare$ /mymountpoint -o username=gdb,fmask666

    smbmount //fileserver/myshare$ /mymountpoint -o username=group/gdb,fmask666

    smbmount //fileserver/myshare$ /mymountpoint -o username=group\gdb,fmask666

    smbmount //fileserver/myshare$ /mymountpoint -o username=gdb@group,fmask666


    And also variations where I try to escape the '/' and the '\'. It just does not work. My network administrator assisted me, but could not work it out too (he is an incognito Linux fan administrating a Windows Network...)

    Anybody any idea? Problems with active directory? Version incompatiblities?


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    Hi GdB

    These are really just guesses, but....

    Check the logs for error messages. I was trying to get samba working recently, and found tons of errors being generated by samba. It seems there was a bug in the version that came with Knoppix - 3.0.0beta2-1. I apt-get'ed a later version (I have installed Knoppix onto hard disk) and it started working.

    Does the move from NT to W2K have anything to do with the encryption of passwords? I seem to recall that earlier versions of Windows used unencrypted passwords, and later versions used encrypted ones. Maybe you are mixing encrypted with unencrypted?

    Also, a quick flick through the smbmount man page mentioned an option 'krb Use kerberos (Active Directory)'. Maybe you need to use this?


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    Shame on me...

    man smbmount shows how to use one's group account : username=gdb/groupX
    (Am I really so stupid that I overlooked this combination?)

    It works now....

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