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    You might you have read it already, but people at have made great progress at running Linux (the kernel) natively under Windows 2000 and XP. They already have (the japanse) Knoppix-JP working on it.

    It might be a nice feature (yes, I know, space the final frontier) to have a minimal XFree86 Cygwin installation on the disk and some little executable to start both Xfree86 and colinux to run Knoppix.

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    It would already been great if I can sort of having UML equivalent under Windows meaning to have multiple jailed secure linux subsystem under a host OS that is full of holes

    This would be a nightmare for Microsoft as it would get into their lucrative server business. Why would one pay for 2003/W2K server and license when we can get a pre-packaged linux with Samba, postix etc. which can be dropped into Windows XP that comes with every new computer(whether one wants it or not). It is much easier to deploy too. Just burn a Knoppix like CD and there it goes.

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    XFree/Cygwin too big to bundle with KNOPPIX/coLinux

    Rather than XFree/Cygwin (which is megs and megs of code and fonts), why not just make the following extension:
    When the Knoppix CD is inserted into a Windoze machine, it offers to install the TAPwin32 driver, then boots Knopix in coLinux, and runs Xvnc.
    The user's browser could be redirected to the vnc Java client on the coLinux and presto - working X! Alternatively, just run the vnc client (all 150K of it) on the host box.
    It already stuns most 'doze users that I can reboot their machine from CD and get a nicer environment with access to all their data... imagine the contribution to Penguin power if we could do that without rebooting!

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    I will work at that, once I have the time ...

    At the moment I have 0% time left



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