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Thread: Turning apache on during CD boot

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    Turning apache on during CD boot

    Is there a way to make apache be active when the knoppix CD boots or does that require a full remaster if the CD?
    Thanks in advance
    Johnny Massengill

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    shortly: remastering needed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    shortly: remastering needed.

    remastering NOT required! simply type "apache" or call it in the

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    well, the Q was about starting apache at boot-time. it can be achieved by using the, alas, my solution is to use the standard ways. Anyway, remastering is fun, you could put in many new apps and stuff.

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    booting with apache

    You can also, if you're remastering anyway, run

    update-rc.d apache defaults

    as root, chroot'ed to the remastered directory, to add apache into the servers starting up.

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    This can be done INCREDIBLY easy by simply putting a bash script that contains "/etc/init.d/apache start" onto the CD.

    You won't need to "remaster" the cloop image (~690 megs) but you will need to re-compress the cd ISO.

    Make sense? There is tons of info available on how to do this.

    - Ambrose

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