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Thread: blocks link to Knoppix

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    19 blocks link to Knoppix

    I sent a friend an e-mail with a link to this site (At least I think it was this site. Anyway it was a site about Knoppix.) He told me that when he clicked on the link MSN blocked him with a message saying the link wasn't safe. I assume he was able to click "OK" or some such and go anyway.

    Anyone else had such an experience?

    I think that Mr. Knopper may well have fashioned Linux into something that could mean the end of Windows, and indeed the end of Operating Systems as they've always been done.

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    Perhaps the problem is with Microsoft. It is possible that they are blocking all links since IE is broken...

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    MSN and their new pet dog AOL are just screwin with ya.

    For a while now they have vblocked mail from what they refer to as unsafe domains... like my own email server.

    What can YOU do...
    1) Stop using MSN/AOL and any of their protcols like hotmail or AOL messenger etc.
    2) tell your friends to stop
    3) repeatedly refuse to sign up!!

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    works for me!!

    Well I just sent a cut-n-paste link [from firebird!] to this very page from my Yahoo account to my AOL email.....and it came right up in the AOL browser with no questions asked!!!

    Must have been a bad AOL day...or AOL's over active filters not liking your IP address!!!

    AOL 9.0 uses Internet Expolrer for the browser [thankfully it's got pop-up blockers!!!] so there no sabotage in IE...yet.

    As for MSN, I would almost expect that behavior from THEM!!! [ha, ha, ha...evil cackle...]

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