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Thread: Knoppix Problems or Hardware Problems

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    Knoppix Problems or Hardware Problems

    I got some serious problems with my system.
    They may not be Knoppix. If their not I am having trouble figuring out if its the HD or the MB.

    when I a OS.

    Windows XP, Mandrake, Gentoo, Redhat, Slackware, Suse, CollegeLinux.
    Everything LINUX installs ok. Except Slackware which gave me a L 99 99 99 boot error, that i fixed. (old version of LILO)

    When starting up the screen will Flash for a second or two. Then Will display the Linux Shell. Seems Xfree has a error starting up...

    This is odd cause my graphics card isnt broken... Knoppix displays fine. Even reconizes whats card I have.

    When I format either HD, and try to use them to store stuff for Knoppix. It gives me errors. Yet a Knoppix can save a config file to partion /dev/hdb1.

    BTW i have
    /dev/hda linux ext2
    /dev/hdb1 linux swap
    /dev/hdb2 linux ext2

    So why can I save the config file on the swap. Not anything else though. Why cant I save anything on the other drives.

    Also windows Xp when installed now, does not show themes. Only the basic windows theme. It also crashes Internet Explorer when u open it.
    Which sucks since they use IE to browse everything.

    Also You can't install hardware (meaning my NIC mainly) because it says windows is already to busy.

    I have not stuck around long enough to find other errors. But the whole windows is messed up. (good)

    But linux shouln't be...

    I have tried formating both drives countless time, and reset the bios countless others...

    I am very confused.

    Only thing I can think of is its either my Bios (need a new MB) or my HDs.
    Which is odd since same things happens on both.

    I got to give major kudos to knoppix though. I can atleast get on the internet with it, and it gives me something to use while I try to get my problems fixed.

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    Can anyone give me some help on this?

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