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Thread: How do I get a Remote Desktop working in Knoppix?

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    How do I get a Remote Desktop working in Knoppix?

    hi, quite new to knoppix trying to learn all I can, alright to the knitty-gritty.

    I would really like to run X remotely on my homelan and be able to use something like windows Terminal Services that gives me the ability to remotely see my windows xp desktop... I know that programs for linux exist, and an nmap scan of the knoppix machine shows
    6000/tcp open X11
    Why is this? is knoppix meant to be able to be a remote desktop server automatically?

    I tried setting up VNC but couldn't get it working, and since some sort of remote X11 seems already to be enabled.. I was wondering how the hell I could get it working? Did a little searching on the faq site, and although found a great explanation on how to get ssh working nothing on this..

    so yeah, I want to browse the knoppix machine remotely and graphically from my windows laptop upstairs in my bedroom over the network while all the loud computers (including the knoppix) stay downstairs

    Sorry this message got so long
    thank you taking the time to read this and uh
    thanks again

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    vncserver -geomtery 1024x768 :1

    on win XP connect a vncviewer to host knoppix:1

    you'll connect to a different desktop than the one on knoppix, ie stuff you had open on the knoppix machine will not be displayed on the vncviewer. If you want to access the saem desktop remotely as you do locally, then also on the knoppix box:


    connect to localhost:2

    That way you have a vnc window open in knoppix and stuff you do in there will be accessible from the vncviewer on XP.

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    You'll first likely need to edit vnc.conf in /etc/

    You'll likely need to remove all but the last 2 lines of the $fontpath.
    Consider changing the screen resolution, too.

    Hope this helps.

    - Ambrose

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