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Thread: Howto make own Linux Distribution

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    Howto make own Linux Distribution

    I have RedHat Linux 9.0 CD (setup CD and source).I want to make own Linux distribution CD from RedHet Linux 9.0.How I can do it?Please help me!

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    Why would you come to the knoppix site and ask how to work on a RedHat distro? That's funny. (People's minds work so oddly sometimes).
    Try searching for answers on remastering thier distro.
    For something even better do this:
    1. Go to
    2. Download knoppix
    3. Go to "Customization" section of the "Docs" area on and read up on how to remaster knoppix. They have it laid out very nicely.

    It's actually pretty easy if you are familiar with linux. If you are not it may take a while, but don't give up. Knoppix is based on debian (,which as far as I'm concerned kicks RedHat's teeth right down it's throat (except for the setup, which is where knoppix excels).

    If you REALLY want to make your own distro, try They will show you how to compile a system from scratch starting with an empty partition. It's a great way to learn how everything works under the hood. Takes a while, tho.

    I know this doesn't help you with your RedHat question, but I wish you luck in your endeavor to remaster it.

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