I have KDE 3.2 installed on both my desktop and my laptop now. I would suggest upgrading to it personally. It has some nice new features. For example, one thing I've always wondered about is why the taskbar can't be flashed in Linux, which it does now with 3.2. The arts soundserver seems improved as well. I no longer have hiccups or clarity problems. The new Kopete is also vastly better than the older versions in my opinion.

I would especially suggest it for a laptop install, because the new KLaptop has quite a few new features...though I'll admit that most of them don't yet work for me. One nice thing though, is that I can now set it to turn my laptop off automatically when I shut the lid.

I do have some issues with it. It created an Autostart directory, and ran some sort of "Sort Icons" app at every startup...which I quickly got rid of, but find annoying nonetheless. The main issue I have is that I can't seem to use the "auto-login" feature in KDM anymore. For my laptop that isn't an issue, but I liked the auto-login feature on my desktop.

I know there's a lot of talk about bugs and issues, but I haven't encountered any others at this point. I like 3.2 and highly suggest it. It was also rather easy to upgrade to it using the source that Stephen posted in The Lounge: