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Thread: Do I need to redo installation?

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    Do I need to redo installation?


    I first tried to install Debian from the net installation. I was unable to get it to go through, but it did partition the hard drive the way I want. CFDisk (maybe?) partitioned a boot portion first (about 8 megs) then a swap (about 1.5 gig) and then two portions, one for root and one for home (each with about half of the remainder of the 60 gig hard drive).

    After being unsuccesful with the net installation of Debian I found out about Knoppix and burned a cd. When I ran the script for installing it to the hard drive the same partitioning program came up and I saw the original partitions. I liked my earlier decisions and told the program to write according to the settings it showed me. It did so and the next question was whether I wanted a swap portion. On being told yes the hard drive installation program told me I had no such partition and exited. I ran the script again and this time told it no swap partition and it installed fine.

    Obviously, I probably did not get quite the installation I wanted. My newbie question then is how do I check and see how my hard drive was utililzed and if it is not the way I want what can I do without reinstallling? And if I do need to reinstall what can I do during the installation process to avoid the obstacles I came across. The file management is still very new for me so please be as simple as possible.

    By the way, this is not a dual boot machine; I want Debian as the sole operating system.

    Thanks for your help.


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    There is a program call qtparted that will allow you to look at your drive partitions and edit them. It is probably already installed. If not, you can download it here:

    You can start it from a console as root with the command "qtparted". Be careful about backing up everything before using it though.

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    under cfdisk
    select desired swap partition
    type t
    type 82
    presto! linux swap
    make sure you write before exiting

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