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Thread: different configurations

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    different configurations

    Hi, I'm searching for simple ways to customize K*, to be able to use it in several different ways:
    I'd like to have with me my USB key with stored different configurations (e.g. at work the config of my LAN, at home the config of my modem&ISP, etc)

    is it possible?
    (Oh, BTW, the USBkey does work?)

    If it is somewhere along the docs, please point me to it - I've been unable to find it.



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    Create one partition for every configuration on Your USBkey (with qtparted).

    Save Your different configurations on different partitions of Your USBkey (with saveconfig). Saveconfig can be called via the Knoppix icon in the task bar.

    At startup choose

    knoppix myconfig=/dev/sda1


    knoppix myconfig=/dev/sda2

    Good luck.

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