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Thread: newbie: network a linux client to a windows server?

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    newbie: network a linux client to a windows server?

    Hi... been reading about linux for ages but was initially to shit scared to give it a try

    downloaded knoppix and it looks fantastic and seems to run fantastically well too..

    have got a few teethign problems but think once solved i am going to enjoy using this OS a lot and may abandon windows to a secondary boot option well we will see anyway

    ok heres my problem:-

    I have 4 pcs at home all connected to a switch...
    all pcs are running win 2000 and al are on the internet thanks to one of pcs sharing it internet connection.

    Now the knoopix install seems to be installing the ethernet card fine but is not seeing anything when i go into linnetwork neighbourhood

    I go to the network card set up bit and do the dhcp setup thing but that doesnt seem to let me surf etc...

    im a little confused about the manual ip set up...

    my server pc ip settings are
    subnet mask

    so any idea how i get this to work for me?
    ALL help will be much apreciated and will allow me to slowly convert myself to an avid linux fan!!!



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    do you have any machines connected to the lan acting as dhcp server?

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    Run these three commands as root-

    ifconfig eth0 netmask up
    route add default gw eth0
    echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf this can be any IP so long as its in the same subnet as the rest of your LAN and is not taken by one of your other boxes.

    How to mount a network share with samba-

    Create a user knoppix on the windows box you want to connect to and set a password.

    Run these two commands as knoppix-

    mkdir /home/knoppix/Desktop/some_dir
    smbmount //hostname/sharename /home/knoppix/Desktop/some_dir -o username=knoppix

    You'll then get prompted to enter knoppix's password for access to the shared files.

    hostname= the name of the winbdows box
    sharename= the name of the shared folder/drive
    some_dir- is an arbitrary name and will become a folder on your desktop through which you can access the remote files.

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    Ok.. I really hope you get this reply!

    I saw your reply to my thread a long time ago Arkaine23... but have been very busy and I for some reason had half given up...

    but thought I would give it another bash this morning!

    WOW it worked straight away!

    thank you very much!

    pls add me on msn if you can !!!

    cheers mate

    really really big THANKS!


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    I really appreciate this post, the directions work like a charm for me. Now if I can just figure out how print from client to the windows box printer...@$*@$*%@(@*%.

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