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Thread: Problem resizing NTFS partition (bad sectors?)

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    Problem resizing NTFS partition (bad sectors?)

    Have been running Linux since kernel 0.99a and am very impressed with Knoppix. Needed to say that.

    I'm trying to use Knoppix for our students and am testing on one of my machines with Windows XP installed. It seems as though the HD has some bad sectors, which ntfsresize can't handle.

    So is this a show stopper? Seems like there is no way to install Knoppix w/o being able to resize the NTFS partition.

    Input / suggestions welcome.


    Dave Topper
    Technical Director - Virginia Center for Computer Music

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    If your HD really has bad sectors visible to the OS then you need a new HD, the one you are using can fail soon. All modern HD:s have extra sectors that they use to "replace" bad ones with,
    giving the impression of a perfect medium to the OS. Once the spares are used up any new faults will be visible, but at that point there is already so many of them that something must be seriously wrong with the disk.
    I suppose XP could also have corrupted your filesystem somehow (without any physical damage), in that case some win* based software might be able to fix it (partition magic perhaps)

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